CRUSHED by Lauren Layne ~ Review

CRUSHED (Redemption #2)
by Lauren Layne
Releases April 14th


Lauren Layne’s latest novel about the healing power of redemption tells the story of a crush gone wickedly wrong, proving that what you want isn’t always what you need.

Growing up in New York, Michael St. Claire never expected to spend his twenties wearing cowboy boots. But that was before he learned about his real father, a total stranger with a family in Cedar Grove, Texas. Once in the Lone Star State, Michael meets Kristin Bellamy, who is exquisitely refined and everything Michael always thought he wanted in a woman. The only problem is that Kristin is dating Michael’s new half brother, Devon.

Kristin’s mouthy, curvy sister Chloe has always been in love with Devon Patterson. So when Michael offers to help Chloe break up Devon and Kristin, Chloe agrees to a deal that seems too good to be true. Before long, Chloe finally gets her man, only to make a startling discovery: She no longer wants the guy she had to fight for—she wants the one who stood by her side.

After all he and Chloe have been through, Michael swears he’s damaged goods. Can Chloe convince him that love is worth the risk?


Crushed is the second book in Lauren Layne’s Redemption Series. It is about a guy attempting to resurrect his life and the so called “ugly duckling” younger sister who really only wants to be noticed. I loved the characters in this story. I truly felt they were people you could/would encounter in your everyday life.  Even though it is part of a series it most definitely can be read as a standalone.

Michael St. Claire is the tennis pro/personal trainer at an elite country club outside of Dallas Texas. This position is just a facade for Michael as he attempts to rebuild his life.  Having loved and lost big time AND then his true paternity being revealed…
Michael is on a mission to connect with is birth father AND avoid ever feeling any real emotion EVER AGAIN!!
Ignorance truly is bliss. And when ignorance is over? All hell breaks loose.
Chloe Bellamy has been in love with one man for over a decade. This man just so happens to be her sister’s boyfriend, Devon. It must be said that Chloe loved Devon long before he starting dating her sister. Actually once upon a time Chloe and Devon were true friends. I really loved Chloe’s sass! She was truly like the girl next door only she built this tough exterior to cover the hurt she felt being the “heavy” not as pretty Bellamy daughter.
"Listen, Beefcake," I say with an exaggerated sigh. "I appreciate you trying to help the little fat girl, but quit messing with me, okay? You've assessed the situation for about sixteen seconds. I've been assessing it for sixteen years. And guys like that do not fall for girls like this."
Michael could see right through Chloe’s snarkiness and wanted to convince her to stop being a bystander in her own life. With his own personal agenda firmly in place, Michael confides in Chloe’s as to his real reasons for taking up residence in TX.

Both Michael and Chloe harbor hurt and rejection. They struggle to been seen and this common bond forges a deep connection.
“That’s fine, Michael. You stay here in your hovel, with your anger and your secret tattoos, hating those who hurt you, and hating the one that want to help you even more.”
Crushed is filled with priceless banter, humor and sexual tension! This is one of those books that you can and will devour in one night. It is a great friends-to-lovers read that will have you rooting for this couple to let go and move forward!
"I don’t think it’s about who loves you first. It’s about who loves you best. And that’s me.”
Rating: 4 stars (Standalone; Dual POV)

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