SHUTTER: VOLUME TWO by Eli Chastain ~ Release Blitz & Excerpt

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Shutter: Volume Two (Novella Series)
by Eli Chastain
Released September 30th

Nikolas Gallo has been my obsession - my only connection to life - for the past five years. I’ve watched his every step, seen the good along with the bad, and documented it through the lens of my camera. I thought I was the only one that knew what I was doing, I was wrong.
The truth has a way of turning the tables. The hunter becomes the hunted. And the spotlight is shining brightly on me.
There’s no denying my guilt and I don’t plan to. All I want to do is pay my penance and move on with my life.
But Niko…
Well, he has other plans for me.



The clang of the door opening is followed closely by blinding sunshine that my eyes have only seen in small doses over the last couple weeks. I stop just outside the door and search in my purse for my sunglasses and oversized hat, hoping to disguise myself.
“The car isn’t here yet, the road is blocked just around the corner.” I hear a familiar voice say. The second my brain recognizes the sound tears well in my eyes.
I’m almost afraid to look up, afraid that he isn’t real and that my mind is playing tricks on me.
“Are you okay?” He asks and my brain continues to absorb the sound of his voice, slowly becoming more confident that it’s actually him. “I’m so sorry that I waited until today to see you.”
I drop the hat that I’ve been holding and watch as it falls slowly to the dirty ground below. The broken pieces of my heart slowly begin to fuse and a tiny spring of hope breaks free.
“Brook?” He whispers my name but I still refuse to look upon his face.
I still don’t speak as the tears slowly spill over and trail down my cheeks. I see the form of his body appear as he kneels down to grasp my hat. His eyes turn to mine and in them I see love, not disappointment at all the lies that have marred me. And the speed of the wetness streaming from my eyes increases at the feeling of pure relief.
“Brooke. Are you okay?” His hands lightly brush across both of my cheeks in an attempt to clear the salty tears. “I should have come sooner, I knew I should but I didn’t.”
As he stands my arms desperately wrap around his strong body and he pulls me in tight. His hands go to the back of my head and smooth down my hair while my tears continue to flow, soaking the front of his suit.
“I didn’t realize how alone you’d felt. Please forgive me.” He says as he kisses the top of my head.
I pull back and look up into his emerald eyes. His hair is long and unruly with blonde curls circling around the bottom of his ears.
“Stephen,” I breathe out his name, “How I’ve been doesn’t matter…anymore. Right now I’m much better.”



Eli Chastain is a super-secret ninja set on conquering the world one reader at a time. In reality, she’s an alter ego of a struggling author that needs a secondary route to reveal her inner most demons. Follow along to see if you are haunted by some of the same.
Chastain’s contemporary serial, Shutter, is set for publication starting in August 2014 with all subsequent volumes to be released before the end of the year.

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