MIRAGE by Alice Tribue ~ Review

Released June 22nd


I'm the woman your husband thinks about while he's on top of you at night...
At least, that's how I tell the girls I hire to think.
Being an escort is no easy job, and being a madame is no easier...

I'm in the business of selling fantasies and dreams to million dollar clients, and if you think what I do is harmful to society, then think again. (If it wasn't for me, there'd be a lot more unhappy and unproductive businessmen and a lot more drug addicted prostitutes in the world)

I guard privacy and secrets with my own life, and I've never slipped up or got caught, not once.

But there's something about the man I just met, something that makes me uneasy, especially since he's interested in me...

And he's offering me a whole lot more than anyone ever has before...

I'm just not sure if this is a risk worth taking--if letting him into my life is the right thing, or if the red flags I'm currently seeing are real or another mirage... 



“I’m the woman your husband thinks about when he is on top of you at night...”
What a twisted web we weave...
Mirage is an erotic tale about two people who couldn't be more wrong for each other. Both at turning points in their careers and finding each other proves to be nearly disastrous.

Victoria Powell is an upscale Madame in New York City.  She is 
classy, successful and no holds bar when it comes to the safety of her girls.  I loved Victoria and her nonsense approach to life. 

Nathan Lennox is all male and totally yummy! He is confident, driven and always gets what he wants out of life and women. Nathan is filled with surprises. His approach at winning Victoria over was the perfect mix of ALPHA and endearing!

Meeting him was one of those moments, those moments that stick with you for some reason, stay trapped in your brain with no way out.
Victoria TRIES to avoid Nathan! She turns him down repeatedly BUT I did mention that Nathan ALWAYS gets what he wants…
He grins at me and I swear I feel it everywhere. EVERYWHERE...
This story is honestly addictive! Victoria and Nathan have fantastic chemistry and their banter is just pure gold! BUT what was truly the winner for me… THE TWIST!!! My heart broke for both characters as secrets were unveiled and they were forced to face reality.
I cry getting lost in the feelings his hands are creating, he plays my body against me, forcing me to push any doubts out of my head, forcing me to feel every single move of his fingers on me.
This heart racing story is a must read! I totally fell in love with the characters and the gripping story! Mirage is a standalone read all wrapped up with a heartwarming Epilogue.
Rating: 5 stars (Standalone; Alt POV)


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