Interview with Jackson Stone from Contractual by Alice Tribue

It is truly an exciting day for RG!!!


RG meets Jackson Stone from Contractual

RG:  Thank you agreeing to stop by RG. I LOVED Contractual!  Tells us why you agreed to share your story.
JS:  I agreed to tell my story because Sage INSISTED. I never wanted this nor did I want nosey people having any information about my private life.

RG: If you didn't want to tell your story why did you let Sage convince you?
JS: It's simple, I love sex and Sage threatened to withhold it if I didn't go along with this stupid idea.

RG: So would you say sex is the most important part of your relationship?
JS:  Of course it's the most important part of my relationship. What's the point of being committed to one person if you can't have sex with them whenever you want?  Is that even a real question?

RG: Well how about things like, love, romance and communication?
JS:  If the sex is good all of that stuff falls into place too. It's really simple, you keep your man happy in the bedroom and he'll keep you happy everywhere else.
RG: ohhh okay… Tell us what a perfect night with Sage would consist of
JS:  A bottle of wine, a naked Sage and a bed.  Scratch that, the bed is optional, just so long as Sage is between my legs with her pretty mouth around RG:  OKAY!! I think we got a clear picture, thank you.

RG:  You a very successful man.  How have you avoided a committed relationship until meeting Sage?
JS:  I have been committed to women for years.  I was completely “committed” to enjoying myself with whomever was under me at that moment in time.

RG:  Okay Okay Jackson, I can see that you are in a mood.  How about something a little lighter.  What is your favorite color?
JS:  Did you really want me here to ask me about my favorite fucking color? What are your readers gaining from this knowledge?  Are we finished here?  He questions his publicist sitting off to the side of the room.

RG:  NO NO, how about you share a little piece of your story that is not in the book.  For example, tell me what your very first thought was when you met Sage.
JS:  I thought she was perfect, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
RG: Have you ever told her that?
JS:  Who are you Dr. Phil?  That's none of your business.

RG:  How about a quickfire round?
Boxers or Briefs?
Jackson rolled his eyes at me and left the room… 

So this concludes our segment with Jackson Stone. As you can see he is a bit of a handful!!! I had the honor to read an advance readers copy of his Contractual and I! PROMISE! you do not want to miss this HOT! READ!!!
Be sure to pre-order Contractual so that you can wrap your hands around him the minute he is LIVE!!!

Author: Alice Tribue
Cover Design: LM Creations
 Release Date: January 26th


They told me I’d be an escort; they made it sound so easy.

Really I’m just a high priced call girl.

Desperation brought me to this and it led me to him, my one and only client.

Hating him is easy, he reminds me of my shame.

Wanting him is wrong it fills me with guilt.

Loving him is a losing battle yet it’s become everything.

A gift and a curse, he consumes my every thought and I’d rather play my part in his bed than to spend one day without him.


Alice Tribue lives with her husband and daughter in New Jersey. She has a bachelors degree in communications and is currently working on her masters degree. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, and when the weather permits lounging out on a beach.

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