RIDE by J.C. EMERY ~ Review

Ride (Bayonet Scars, #1)
Ride by J.C. Emery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I could get stuck with this guy’s ring on my finger, my body in his bed, and my belly full of his kids. I cringe at the thought of my entire life being planned out for me. No surprise, no option, no choice.

After reading the synopsis I was hooked!!! Throw in the HOT cover and this book moved right to the top of my tbr!!! RIDE is everything I thought it would be and more. I mean what is not to love when the daughter of a Mafia King is put in a near secluded situation with a high ranking MC officer.

Alexandra (Alex) Mancuso has lived a very isolated and privileged life. From a very young age she was taught two things (1) family comes first, and (2) being the perfect wife comes second. Alex struggles with the freedom she longs for verses being the perfect Principessa.

If Ryan, and my father, and all of my father’s men can shut off the guilt, then surely I can shut off the pain.

Ryan Stone is third generation Forsaken Motorcycle Club and will be taking over once his father steps down. His whole life has been the Patch, motorcycles and whores. I am going to admit that Ryan is an easy guy to hate. He says and does very hurtful things over and over. By the end of the book I found a way to like Ryan. I loved his very protective side and I could see through his bullshit exterior, into a heart that longs for someone to erase the dark demons he carries.

But for Ryan, the way his gaze tracks me, it’s like he’s making sure I’m still there. Like he’s never forgotten me.

Make no mistake, this is no hearts and flowers romance. The story is intense and the characters have no real moral compass.

A guy knows whether or not he’s going to shoot you before he even gives you warning, my father says.

As the story unfolds Alex and Ryan are in a constant tug of war. Not only with their emotions but with the reality they are facing. It is a known fact that the mafia will come looking for their Principessa whereby putting everyone in grave danger. To deepen their struggles, Ryan's father puts out an order that Alex is not to be touch by any Forsaken Motorcycle Club member.

“It ends now, I don’t want you thinking you’re going to be on the back of his bike, or in his bed. You’re not one of them whores like your friend, and you’re not Old Lady material.”

J.C. Emery has weaved a tangled web of Mafia verses motorcycle club. With the exception of Ryan being a MAJOR ASSHOLE I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It is an excellent debut for the Bayonet series and I can’t wait to get my hands on THRASH.

Love isn’t about changing who you are, its about being a better version of yourself.


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