MERGED by M.J. FIELDS ~ Cover Reveal

Merged (Burning Souls #3)

By: M.J. Fields
Release Date: February 18th

Maddox has walked through hell on earth to come to the point in life where he finally knows he can love. More importantly he realizes he deserves to be loved.

When these two souls come together in body, there is nothing hotter. In desire, there is nothing deeper. In love there is nothing stronger than two souls that were created for one another.
In the aftermath of his walk through hell will Maddox be able to conform to a normal life. 

Can Maddox and Harper get past all that they have endured? Can they still love when they have lost so much? Will he be able to balance career and love and family? Will their souls finally come together giving him the beautiful life his tortured soul deserves?

Maddox strutted slowly up to the microphone. He raised a fist in the air and the crowd went wild. “How you doing out there tonight?”
The response was another deafening thunder of applause and screams.
He pushed his guitar around to his back and began adjusting the microphone.
“Give me just a minute. Gotta adjust this a bit.” He stopped and ran his hand down his stomach and grabbed between his legs. “I’m a little bigger than the ot...her Hines.”
The crowd went wild and Maddox smiled that cocky smile and bit his lower lip. That look could ignite wet wood. It worked on me every time.
He looked off stage searching for me. Our eyes met and his jaw clenched and he licked his lips. Gawh!
I looked at Mom and she was looking down wide eyed.
Brody sauntered up to him and looked down. “How much you wanna bet boy?”
Brody put his guitar pic between his teeth and started to unbuckle his pants.
I gasped and looked at Emma who just shook her head and looked away.
I looked to Mom and she nodded so that I would look back on stage. Maddox was unbuckling too.
I had no idea what to expect. But within two second three bra’s landed at their feet.
“What have we hear?” Brody lifted one with his boot.
“Looks like some type of cover.” Maddox joked. “Perfect ‘cause I got nothing on under these pants.”
“Commando?” Brody gave him an atta boy look and then pulled out his waist band and looked at himself—down there. “Like father like son.”
The crowd screamed. I heard some of them cheering Tag Team! I want some of that! Maddox! Brody! Fuck me! You’re so hot!
Maddox winked at the front row. “You wanna see it?”

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Stained (Burning Souls #1)
Appox 318 pages

After nearly sixteen years in hell, Maddox finally rises from the ashes. Held captive since birth he never knew normal until the day he watched as two men opened fire on the place he had merely existing since birth. He watched as the woman who visited sporadically throughout his life, a woman he later found out was his mother, as shot dead as he was dragged into the back of a black car by Brody Hines, British Rock Star. Brody’s own twisted past brought him to discover a son he never knew existed..

As a child Maddox took comfort in reading. It was his escape. His only glimpse at what life and love could be. The world he entered was something he could have never imagined. It was full of beauty and madness, yet still overflowing with hope and love.

Maddox Hines is a beautiful young man who was labeled by his school, and the world as emotionally disturbed, having Stockholm syndrome, separation anxiety and possibly being bipolar. His loving family knows better.

In part one of Stained, we watch as Maddox tries to do the right thing only to be beaten down by the true dregs of societies. Provoked, taunted, and his past exposed, Maddox lashes out the only way he knows how, physically

In part two, Maddox must flee the country to avoid being arrested, separating the family he loves. Returning to England, bringing his nightmares even closer to him. Maddox tries in vain throughout the next three years to accept the repeated loss of Harper Abrahams. His one true friend, his first kiss, his secret muse, and the girl who held his heart from the very first time he saw her. He pushes her away knowing she deserves better, that he is not good enough for her, and that he could never be.

Nothing can stop his desire for her, his need for her, and when he cannot take it anymore he brings her back into his life only to realize she is no longer his and his alone. Maddox falls into the only comfort and escape he knows now, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Maddox becomes his own worst enemy as he pushes away his new life bringing back the past.

Forged (Burning Souls #2)
Appox 375 pages

Maddox Hines walked away from the things he took comfort in, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Things that helped dull the pains from his past and allowed him to continue waking up each day and push forward. He set out to win back the love of the girl who held his heart for five years. A girl who he knew was too good for him, deserved better than him, but it no longer mattered.
Maddox set out to win her back. When he found her a life changing secret was revealed. One he felt was a blessing not a curse. 

Harper Abrahams fear of disappointing her family came to fruition and Maddox was her rock. When their family left to return to their homes Maddox stayed behind believing things were going as planned and determined to earn her trust back. 

Harper pushes him away to guard her heart from what only he was capable of doing to it. Harper loves Maddox but can no longer trust him, there was too much to loose. Pushing him away she hangs onto Blake her friend, confidant, and the man who she knows would be perfect for her. He had never let her down and she knew he never would. 

Maddox holds strong in his fight, he won’t lose her again. His persistence pays off but will it get them through what lies ahead. Will the sins of his past annihilate his dreams for his future with Harper? Will he be strong enough for her when she needs him the most? 

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