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Touch Me
Author: T.H. Snyder
Genre: Young Adult Romance
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Char is a focused and driven career woman who's had a relationship she would rather choose to forget, but can't. Riley is a pure gentleman who can easily leave the past where it belongs, behind him.

Some people believe in fate where others deem it a coincidence. Char and Riley are meant to be together, so life just happens to make sure they are in the right place at the right time.

But is that enough?

You’ll be falling in love with this dynamic duo as they find out who they are and why fate keeps making sure their lives are intertwined.

Their differences are what make them all too similar, and throughout the course of their journey there is one thing that always brings them back together...the need for each other's touch.



After a few moments, Char pulls me into the apartment and I’m dying to get my hands on hers, my mouth on hers, and spend the rest of the night holding her close against my body. I sense the moment is right and we are beginning to share the connection we both feel but she suddenly backs away. She suggests we get the things from the Jeep. She says I should call Derrick I let him know I’m staying the night. At first I’m confused, but once she tells me she wants me here I know this is where I will stay.


Touch Me is T.H. Synder's debut novel.  I really enjoyed the story and fell in love with the characters.  This is a steamy 4 star read!

Char (Charlotte Jayde Taylor) has put her life back together after dating Mr. All Wrong.  The last thing Char is looking for is a relationship.

Riley Kincaid recently moved to Boston.  He is starting over after suddenly loosing his parents and having the family business pulled out from under him.  Riley becomes fast friends with his new roommate Derrick who just so happens to be best friends with Char.

After a few chance meetings, Riley and Char realize they can no longer fight the undeniable attraction.  Their romance is sweet and progresses very fast.

"Char, ever since I laid eyes on you I wanted you to be mine.  I know we've had a few awkward moments, but I would not take back the last two weeks of my life for the world.  You really are something special to me."

Life appears to be perfect.  That is until Char and Riley are thrown a few curve balls.  Will their new relationship be strong enough to be dealt game changing blows?

I love a book with twist and turns. Having the no good ex come back and turn everything upside down is right up my alley!  Will Char go back to her old ways or will she choose her Mr Right a/k/a Riley?  Touch Me is told in dual point of view and is not a cliffhanger.

There is a secondary love story between Derrick and Chloe.  Chloe is Char sister and has been dating Derrick off and on for eight years.  We get their story in T.H. Synder's upcoming release Touched By You which is set to release in October. 


T.H. Snyder is a 33 year old mother of 2. She has been an avid romance and paranormal reader for well over a year and felt it was about time to explore her creative side and write her own book.


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