THE LAST HUSBAND by JS Cooper ~ Blog Tour (Review, Excerpt & Teaser)


Lucky wanted a guy to be her last boyfriend but she never counted on love not being enough. 

Lucky Morgan fantasized about the hot guy from her diner for months. And when he offered her a dream job, she jumped at the chance to get to know him better. 

Zane Beaumont was skeptical about love and guarded his heart. Even though he was falling for Lucky, he was still scared to fully let go. So he makes a decision that may ruin their once chance at happiness.

Both of their lives are turned upside down by some unexpected news and Lucky has to decide, once and for all, if Zane is the guy she wants to spend her forever with.


“Are you okay, Zane?” I touched his shoulder and he glanced at me with emotion-filled eyes.

“You look beautiful, Lucky. Really beautiful.” He paused. “I just can’t quite believe you’re here.” He frowned. “Guys like me don’t get girls like you…”

“Girls like me?”

“The good ones, the special ones. I don’t even know if this moment is real. It doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel like my life. I’m so scared that someone is going to wake me from a dream and you won’t be here.”

“I feel the same way,” I whispered. “It just seems to all have happened so quickly.” I chewed on my lower lip and looked up at his handsome face from under my lashes. “I’m scared that something will go wrong.”

“So am I.” He cleared his throat and looked away. “I don’t know that I can be exactly what you need.”

“What do you mean?” My breath caught in my throat and I stared at him in fear. Was he breaking up with me already? Was the necklace a goodbye gift?


JS Cooper pens yet another WINNER!  The Last Husband is a great love story with a few unexpected twists.

In The Last Boyfriend, we meet and fall in love with Zane Beaumont.  He appears to the be ultimate playboy, dating a different woman every week.  That is until Lucky Morgan walks into his life. 

Zane is even more yummy in The Last Husband but that yumminess does come with a hefty dose of YOU WILL WANT TO KICK HIS ASS!!!  Zane struggles with opening up his heart to Lucky.  He knows he can't live with out her but what will that cost him???

Lucky is enjoying life in Los Angeles.  She is dedicated to the documentary and keeps her feet planted at Zane's side.

"I love you.  I want you.  I need you.  We'll get through this.  We'll make it work.  It's just not the fairytale I thought it was going to be" ~ Lucky

Can their love survive Zane's dedication to Angelique?  Will Zane find justice for Noah?  Grab this book and find the answer to these questions and more! 
This is the second book in the Forever Love series.  Keep a look out for Before Lucky (Forever Love #3) to be released at the end of this month.
This is a solid 3.5 star read!

Author Bio:
J. S. Cooper was born in London, England and moved to Florida her last year of high school. After completing law school at the University of Iowa (from the sunshine to cold) she
moved to Los Angeles to work for a Literacy non profit as an Americorp Vista. She then moved to New York to study the History of Education at Columbia University and took a job at a workers rights non profit upon graduation.

She enjoys long walks on the beach (or short), hot musicians, dogs, reading (duh) and lots of drama filled TV Shows.


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