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Her Magick is destined but true love forbidden.
After beautiful Sylver Kyllienne Brady meets death at the hands of her boyfriend, Roland Parks, she transcends into Summerland. There, she reunites with her mother and finds her soulmate, Zander. Pulled back to the earthly plane, she must embark on a journey of discovery. She uncovers a truth. She is the descendent of a long lineage of powerful Witches. She must learn to control her power, protect the family’s Amulet and Book of Shadows. Sylver has no idea what awaits her. And, this is only part of her discovery.

Lives unravel as secrets are discovered and mysteries unfold. 

Everything changes when she meets Zander Emmett –a vampire. Zander is gorgeous, exotic, sexy and unbelievably wealthy. He is also the one person a witch, such as Sylver, must avoid. Their love is forbidden but their souls draw them together like a magnet. Their bodies ignite, passion soars and their souls are left discovering, not only each other, but their destiny. His life holds secrets and enticing mysteries of his own that propel the parallels of their worlds to climaxing heights. 

Will their colliding worlds separate them? Will Sylver embrace her destiny? Will realizing what is expected of her and falling soul-fully in love with Zander - the vampire she is forbidden to love, just leave her breathless?

Or, will she forever be Shattered Into Beautiful?


I am his Light. 

He is my Dark.

Together, as one, we are an equal balance. Positive and negative energies collide. A
beautiful equilibrium created by the Universe. 

One witch. 

One vampire.

We are a swinging pendulum, two souls made whole —as one, amalgamating our worlds.

No longer afraid, I straighten. I walk over to Zander and take his hand in mine. I glance at him. With fingers entwined, our souls rendezvous, and part of the mystery between us is unveiled. My eyes shift to the figure standing among the trees. I glare. I look at Zander; he looks at me. Together, we look at him. 

Emeralds and sapphires lock with fire-red rubies. Seconds are too long to decipher clearly the amount of time before he vanishes. Less than one split second, then he evaporated into the night, swallowed by the Dark governing him. 

Magick unfurls in a moonlit night. 


This is Mel Ballew's debut novel and she held nothing back in this paranormal romance. She vividly pulls you though Sylver Brady’s emotional struggles both ups and downs.  Right out of the gate the Prologue grabs hold of you and the book never let’s go!  This is a 4 star read!

This is much more than a story about witches and vampires. It is about two souls that united centuries prior and not even death can keep them apart. A perfect example of their soul deep love is this excerpt:

"Sylver, a twin flame is your ultimate soul mate. One day, you will find yours. He will be your other half. The half to complete you, as you will complete him. He will be the one and only other half to you soul, darling. Your souls will yearn to reunite so no matter what happens, always know there is someone out there to complete you.” Zander is my twin flame.

Sylver Brady was deeply loved by her parents and grandparents her entire life. However, their love could not protect her from two terrible and life altering relationships. Sylver was moving through the everyday motions of life. When she is taken aback by Zander Emmett showing up and whereby claims her as his in both mind and body. Being a vampire Zander is definitely a forbidden love. His jaw dropping looks and alpha attitude makes us all weak in the knees but he only as eyes for Sylver. The sex scenes are filled with HOT lust and unconditional love.

“Kitten, I have waited a very long time to have you again. Just so we are both clear, this was not just a night of hot sex for me. This is the night out souls celebrated a reunion.”

The book is a definite page turner and yes it has a cliffhanger! I know! I know we all pull our hair out when we get to the end BUT I have it on good authority that we can expect the sequel late summer or early fall. I do believe that the dreamy Zander will fill your thoughts and get you through this time while we all anxiously await the sequel.


Mel Ballew resides in rural Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter, along with their two adorable cats.
An avid reader, she has always had an equal passion for writing and has written her entire life, to date. Her mother initially birthed, inspired, and encouraged these loves. The two often discussed writing together but unfortunately, that dream never came to fruition.
Years later, this happened, that happened—life happened.
She stepped away from writing to place more focus on being wife and a full-time mom. Today, she would not have changed a thing. The day her daughter was born became the first day she realized a significant rhythm to her heart was also born. Her daughter, now preparing to go off to college, has grown into a beautiful and responsible young adult.
A twisted turn of events in September 2009 left Mel unable to work outside of the home. Forced to consider other options, and while embracing a therapeutic approach of transcribing all of the challenges facing her, post-accident, she returned to journaling. Once again, the writer within her has been re-birthed—awakened from slumber.
Mel is a hopeless romantic. Blessed, she has her very own soul mate, which she calls husband, best friend, and lover.
She is a simple country gal, with a profound love of true simplicity. She is just as hopeless in her love of nature and regards many of her writing aspirations to appreciating its beauty, although every single story is birthed from her dreams. Sometimes, in life, simply enjoying a chilled glass of sangria on a warm summer’s eve or indulging in her love of chocolate and peanut butter is an expression of enjoying such simplicity. For her, these moments are truly d’vine.


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  1. This giveaway is wonderful! I'm meeting so many new to me authors that I haven't discovered yet! I've added Shattered into Beautiful to my TBR list and look forward to reading it! Thanks for the great review!