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No nonsense mechanic, Ally Brody is a ‘one chance only’ kind of girl. When she catches her boyfriend, of two years, cheating with his assistant on a surprise visit to his office, there will be No Second Chances.

Determined not to fall for the wrong kind of man again, she comes face to face with Cole Thomas. He is gorgeous, charming, rich and everything Ally swore she should stay away from.

Cole wants Ally and he will stop at nothing until he gets what he desires. Bit by bit he breaks through her barriers and takes her on a journey of love and sexual awakenings. Will her obsessed ex, who refuses to accept it’s over, or a secret Cole himself is hiding, destroy their relationship before it even gets started?

Can Ally break her own rule and explore the possibility that Cole just might be the one worthy of a Second Chance?


This is my first book penned by Beverley Hollowed.  This book has a solid plot and it is so steamy you will have to wipe off your kindle!  It is a solid 4 star read!
I found it so refreshing that Ally is a strong independent woman.  Yes, she has her demons but don’t we all.  Her father left a whole in her heart by abandoning her and her mother at their weakest moment.  Early on in the book Ally has her heart broken by Jason, her boyfriend of two years.
Cole Thomas will rank very high on your swoon worthy list!  He is use to getting what he wants and women are no exception.  Cole’s successful career has brought him to Dublin.  He has the world at his finger tips and yet true love is the one thing missing from his life.
After a chance meeting Cole and Ally have an immediate attraction.  One that Ally resist at every turn while Cole is persistent in his pursuit.  Cole finds himself falling in love with Ally and does not have a hard time expressing himself.  Ally on the other hand, takes her time with her profession but once she says the sweet words you can feel their happiness.

“I love you, too, Cole” Ally whispered back. “I promise I will never break your heart.” Cole’s smiled filled his beautiful face as he finally heard the words he had been longing to hear.
Like many couples Cole and Ally have uphill struggles to overcome.  One being Ally’s ex-boyfriend, Jason and his resistance to let go of Ally.  In addition, Cole harbors a secret (of course he does..) it is a secret that could tear them apart.  Ally senses it early on and yet she lets it be.  I have asked her about this in our interview.  Will their love be enough to overcome these obstacles?
This book is a cliffhanger….  YES YES I know I have reviewed several cliffhangers lately.  No Second Chances is a page turner and in the end you will be stalking Beverley Hollowed eagerly awaiting the second book in this series.
I am so excited to have Ally Brody from No Second Chances here so give her a big RG welcome!
RG: Why was it so hard to tell your Grandparents what Jason did to you and your relationship?
Ally: I guess I was embarrassed to have been taken in by someone who was just like my father. My father wasn’t a very nice man and he broke my Mom’s heart. I had always made such a big deal about how I would never let someone do that to me. I felt stupid and embarrassed that I had fallen for someone who was no better than my Dad. Was just easier not to get into it with them. Besides they worry about be enough as it is.
RG: What would be your ideal night with Cole. Quiet night at home or a night out filled with hot dancing.
Ally: As much fun as it is to get dressed up and hit the town with Cole, my ideal night would be Cole and I snuggled up on the sofa in front of a big open fire, a glass of wine and some soft music on the CD player. To me that is heaven.
RG: You could sense Cole was hiding a secret so why didn't you confront him about it? 
Ally: I guess I was too chicken to. At first I thought Cole and I were a bit fun. Jason was so suffocating, I was really not looking to jump straight into another relationship. But Cole just got under my skin and quickly into my heart. I wasn’t sure if he was hiding something or if it was just my own stupid insecurities. I was afraid if I asked him I wouldn’t like the answer he might give me. I know how incredibly stupid that was now.
RG: Where is your favorite place to be kissed, by Cole of course!
Ally: He does this thing with my neck. Wow… I have never been kissed like that before. Everything Cole does is in a class of its own …sigh x
RG: Name one thing about Cole that drives you crazy (good or bad).
Ally: He drives me crazy the way he always seems to know exactly what I am thinking or how I am feeling. It’s almost like he can see into my mind and my soul. He always knows just how to get around me. Well he used to, but now I think things have changed. He isn’t who I once thought he was. I guess time will tell if we can be like that again.
RG: What is your favorite scene from No Second Chances?
Ally: I like the night I took charge after we argued about going to London. It was fun to be in control and to watch his reaction to me. It was hard for him to give me complete control but he did it and it was an amazing feeling. Everything about Cole is addictive but to have complete power over him was an experience I will never forget.
RG: Yes I agree Cole everything about Cole is addictive!!!
RG: Where you surprised to see the connection between Caitlin and Nathan? Do they have a story to tell?

Ally: I was not surprised Nathan fell for Caitlin, most guys do. And I am not surprise she would be attracted to Nathan, he is a really nice guy. And kinda hot too. (not as hot as Cole lol). But I am surprised by Caitlin’s reaction. She never gets girl over a guy. Maybe she has found the one. Who knows there might be a story there? We’ll have to wait to see....


I am Beverley, though my friends call me Bev, I am 38 years old and I live in Dublin with my Husband and 2 sons. I love to read and I love music.
I has been writing as long as I can remember.
I released my first book in December 2012 called Forever and Always.
My new book, No Second Chances (the first book from The Chances Series) is due for release April 29th....
Some random fact about me.... I am a middle child, I have a fear of Mirrors and birds and I make custom jewelery. 

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