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In the three years after a horrible crime claimed her family, Elise Halliwell has been alone, shut off from the world in a self-imposed emotional exile. She goes through the motions, finishes high school and moves across country to start college and begin the next step in her pre-destined life.

But her exile is dramatically cut short by the entrance of a dark haired, blue-eyed, smirking man who shakes her to the core, achieving what everyone else before him has failed to do, he makes her feel again.

As much as he wishes it were different, fate has not brought Braxton James into Elise’s life, or has it. Brax has to keep her safe from people in her life who have ulterior motives and may want to hurt her.

Elise has no idea the threat she faces, and Brax wants to make sure it stays that way. But as Brax struggles with getting close to her, he begins to live a lie. Unable to resist the pull that is Elise’s bright green eyes, infectious giggle, and loving heart, he finds it impossible to stay away, so the double life of being Elise’s boyfriend and keeping her safe begins.

Full of twists and turns, danger and revelations that no-one could predict, you won’t be the only one lost in distraction.

This is a debut novel for BJ Harvey. I enjoyed the mystery and suspense all mixed in with a whole lot of hot and steamy romance.

Elise Halliwell’s life was torn apart when her parents and younger sister were murdered while she was away at summer camp. As part of her survival Elle closed herself off to anyone or any emotion for the past 3 years. In comes Braxton James, he is the sexy undercover agent trying to protect Elle from the fate her family suffered. Braxton is in his mid-twenties but blames his late enrollment into college due to the fact he was in the army.
Elle and Brax have undeniable chemistry from almost the minute they lay eyes on each other. I really enjoyed watching their relationship grow and mold into a something more than just sexual attraction.  One of my favorite quotes was when Brax said the following to Ellie:

You are who I want to hold in my arms at night and who I want to open my eyes to in the morning. Nobody has ever touched my heart like you do, nobody ever will.”

The book keeps you guessing as the plot thickens.  I will say that the story did hit a lull about three-quarters the way through but Harvey brought it back around in the end. I will defiantly keep my eye open to see where Elle and Brax’s story goes. It is no secret by now that this book has a cliffhanger ending. I know I know that makes me want to pull my hair out too BUT BJ Harvey is feverishly working on the second book.

PROLUGE to Lost in Distraction

His blue eyes haunted me. 
Every day they would haunt me. My morning, my day, my night, my dreams...those baby blues tormented me.

It has been five days since he left. Five of the longest days in my life.

He was right when he said I would never be the same, that I would never forget him. The way he could reach in and touch my soul with a single glance, an eyebrow quirk, or a smirk with that delectable mouth.

It was unfair that he approached me. He wormed his way into my cold, unforgiving heart and made it warm again. His appearance in my life made the sun rise and fall in my dark world, but now I was back in total darkness.

He disappeared without a trace, without a single word. One night I went to sleep in his arms in our bed, our cocoon, our sanctuary. The next morning I woke alone and unsure.

Where was he?

Why he had gone?

Why was his phone disconnected?

He caught my attention the moment our eyes met. His ice-blue eyes pierced my heart from across the room.

My life as I knew it changed the day that I met Brax. I’d never felt such love, my body had never felt such satisfaction, my soul had never felt such passion, and my life had never been so full.

Now he’s gone and my heart has never felt so broken.

When you had no hope, then had hope reborn, and then all of that hope disappears within a moment...where do you go?

Where do you go from there?


The moment I lost her forever was the moment I got in that car.

I knew in that millisecond that I would lose her, but I had no choice. My soul mate, my sole reason for being, my Elise. I knew there was nothing I could do that would make it right with her again.

It took everything I had to heal her the first time, to mold her back into the brilliant, radiant light she deserved to be. When I saw her photo I had to know her, had to get inside those gorgeous green eyes.

Knowing that I am the one who shattered her this time is breaking my resolve to stay away.

Knowing that my leaving was the end of the light and the return of the dark in her life feels like a knife being driven into my heart.

If only I could explain that I had no choice. Explain how they told me she would be safe if I left her.

If only I’d believed in us enough to stay.

I would have laid it all out for her if it meant she would stay untouched and unaware of the truth. Because if she knew the truth, the real reason why I was gone and why I even came into her life in the first place, life would not be worth living.

For all of us. 
For them. 

For me.
And especially for her. 


Having always loved reading, and having been befriended and inspired by some awesome self published authors and book lovers alike, I decided to start writing my first novel, Lost in Distraction in December 2012. It was a conscious decision that started with a song, then the prologue and then catapulted from there. I love music too, like REALLY love music, if there isn't music playing, something is wrong. Out and Proud Vampire Diaries fan as well. 

I'm also a wife, mother, full-time university student and I do contract work for myself from home.
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