FLAT-OUT MATT (Flat-Out Love 1.5) by Jessica Park ~ Review

Matt is a junior at MIT. He’s geeky, he's witty, he's brilliant.
And he’s also very, very stupid.
When beautiful, cool, insightful Julie moves in with Matt’s family, why (oh why!) does he pretend to be his absent brother Finn for her alleged benefit?
It seems harmless enough until her short-term stay becomes permanent. And until it snowballs into heart-squeezing insanity. And until he falls in love with Julie, and Julie falls in love with Finn.
But … Matt is the right one for her. If only he can make Julie see it. Without telling her the truth, without shattering them all. Particularly his fragile sister Celeste, who may need Julie the most.
You saw Matt through Julie’s eyes in FLAT-OUT LOVE. Now go deeper into Matt’s world in this FLAT-OUT MATT novella. Live his side of the story, break when his heart breaks, and fall for the unlikely hero all over again.
Take an emotional skydive for two prequel chapters and seven Flat-Out Love chapters retold from his perspective, and then land with a brand-new steamy finale chapter from Julie. 

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Jessica Park, you had me at the Dedication!

Who loves the guy’s point of view…?  ME ME ME and boy oh boy did we get it with Flat-Out Matt.  We not only get Matty but we get the final chapter that we have all been waiting for! 

Getting a small glimpse of Finn was both heartwarming and heart wrenching.  Finn lived life to the fullest and was defiantly the glue that held the Watkins family together.  My favorite Finn quote is:

“Let your world as you know it be blown to bits because you fall heart-crushingly head-over-heels for someone.”

Celeste was her usual witty and bright self.  We get a glimpse of her prior to Finn’s accident and then of course the banter after the jump is truly priceless.  I love Celeste and I am hoping Jessica is planning to give us more Celeste…. Hint hint!

Last BUT certainly not least are Matt and Julie.  We loved Matt in FOL but you will fall in love with Matt in FOM!  Getting a peak into Matt’s thoughts through some of the highs and lows in FOL is indescribable.  Matt is so controlled, caring and self-contained that we almost ached for his thoughts in FOL.  The final chapter is from Julie's point of view.  The whole chapter is PERFECT!  It is so well written that the emotions and sweet touches just lift right off the page.   

Flat-Out Love and Flat-Out Matt have the kind of characters you will think of often and with a huge smile on your face.    

Thank you Jessica Park for giving us the more!

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